Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: The Exclusive Malts "Speyside 1989 25 Year"

We're back with some more of Creative Whisky Company's Exclusive Malts.  A couple of well aged and interesting selections, we'll let them speak for themselves...

The Exclusive Malts Speyside 1989 25 Year

Nose:  At first nutty, like buttered cashew nuts, then fruity - lemon cakes and tangerines, then there's like some mineral oil / aloe / wax / putty thing going on, and finally a little far away sort of Lemon Pledge aroma.

Palate:  Really a lot of straight sweets though not overly sweet and doesn't taste like it's from a sherry cask.  Just some good fruity jammy sweetness like melons, citrus stone fruits, etc.

Finish:  Not a finish to write home about, though it is wickedly smooth and at almost a hundred proof this is so drinkable it could be dangerous.

This bottle is available here:

The Exclusive Malts Bowmore 2001 12 Year

Nose: Really nice salty sea water smoke going on here.  Behind that some caramel/nougat candy bar goodness, white grapes and rosemary.  While the Speyside was a very nice dram, this one is immediately more up our alley as your faithful smoky beasts.

Palate:  A little thin in terms of mouthfeel, but a good nutty smoky taste with some musk/perfume qualities.

Finish:  This one has a lot of burn for a Bowmore, and you know what?  We like it!  Why don't more Islay's put out cask strength options??  At 116.8 proof, this is a little gang-banger.  It's definitely more fire than warmth.  The 12-years young shows in that respect.  But on the other hand it's a great raw peat and has a lot of personality.  We've found some Bowmores to be timid, but not this one.  Very long-lasting ballsy finish reminiscent of a Caol Ila or Laphroaig, but with just a little more restraint.  A very nice surprise!

This bottle is available here:

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