February 5, 2015

Birthday Bourbon Bonanza Part 3: OFBB2008

Day three of the Birthday Bourbon Bonanza is upon us!  Gonna drink Bacardi like it's your...  (never mind).

Moving right along across our OFBB shelf, we're now on to the 2008 Birthday Bourbon (back shelf second from the left...)

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2008

Tasting Notes

Nose: There's way less going on here than the first two.  While the 06 was a big rich pool of nice, and the 2007 was a dry and crisp woody treat, this one kind of smells like a typical mid-shelf bottle.  There's a lot more alcohol heat, not a lot of wood, and a little bit of sweetness, but nothing coming out in terms of discernible aromas.

Body/Finish: Again this is a big step back from the others. It doesn't have the richness of the 06 nor the smoothness of the 07.  It's thin and hot at the same time with a lot of sourness and burn on the finish.  


Sadly this was our least favorite of the entire tasting.  We'd have to give this one something in the low 70's, a SmokyBeast "C-".  It's just hot and bitter and not really doing anything for us.  It's not swill, but it's not any kind of premium quality whiskey either...  Stay tuned, it gets better we promise!  

Next up 2009.  /SB

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