February 4, 2015

Birthday Bourbon Bonanza Part 2: OFBB 2007

The insane Birthday Bourbon Bonanza continues...

Today we're moving on to the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2007.  Let's take this squat beauty for a spin, shall we?

Tasting Notes

Nose: As soon as we open the bottle the reaction is "Wow, it's amazing how different two bottles of whiskey can be from the same distillery with the same recipe, proof, and age!"  The 2007 smells nothing like the '06.  It's got lots more wood, and comes of much more punchy and dry.  Peanut butter, garden herbs, fresh cream.  It's missing the sweetness, richness, and vanilla that are going on in the '06.

Body/Finish: It's more balanced yet thinner than the '06 on the palate as well.  It's smoother and less hot, but somehow doesn't leave as much of an impression.

Review: The 2007 OFBB release was highly praised in the industry.  It won American Whiskey of the Year by Malt Advocate that year.  We can see why.  It's technically very impressive.  It's very smooth and woody, and well balanced.  But for us it wasn't anything to write home about.  The mouthfeel was pretty thin and it didn't have a lot of big flavor.  If you like dry and woody, this may be the one for you.   We prefer the '06 (and stay tuned because we really prefer some of the later ones!).

Tomorrow we're on to 2008.  Cheers/SB

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