February 6, 2015

Birthday Bourbon Bonanza Part 4: OFBB 2009

We're on to part four of our redonkulous Old Forester Birthday Bourbon marathon.  Thanks for playing along out there!

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2009

Tasting Notes

Nose:  Big improvement on the '08 with an emphasis on char here.  Sandalwood and bbq coals, some burnt orange peels and fruit cake.

Palate/Finish:  Continuing with the nice char/campfire theme on this one: bbq sauce, chili peppers, stewed tomatoes.  Then some subtle citrus hints.  Finally a rich finish with vanilla, baking spices, and a nice savory flavor.  Lots of char through to the end.

Review:  We still like the '06 the best so far, but this is number two.  It's not quite as rich, but it has a really great barrel char character.  Fans of heavily charred barrels will really dig this one.

Stay tuned, we're keeping it going tomorrow with '10!

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