February 11, 2015

Birthday Bourbon Bonanza Part 7: OFBB 2012

Ok, we had to take a long weekend away from our Birthday Bourbon Bonanza.  It can only be your birthday for so many days in a row!  But we're back.  And back in style!

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2012

Nose:  Mmmm, they really nailed it with this one.  Big brown butter, sweet vanilla, rye spice, and it has that sadle leather / old mature wood thing going on that puts it over the top.

Palate: Nice crisp taste with a good middle thick mouthfeel and a nice balance.  Finished bright and short with some spirit warmth and a nice integration of different layers happening.  Still a little bitterness but overall either our favorite so far, or maybe tied with the 2006.

Review: We remember being really excited when we first tasted this back in 2012, and trying it again did not disappoint.  It's a great drink.  Nothing mind-altering, but everything you look for in a straight ahead bourbon.  This is what Birthday Bourbon should be, none of the hype and hysteria of a Pappy or a Stagg, just a solid bottle for when you want to treat yourself to something a little special.


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