February 14, 2015

Birthday Bonanza Part 9: OFBB 2013

We're in the home stretch!  The Birthday Bourbon Bonanza seems to have literally occupied fourteen years of our lives.  But we're almost there.  Today is the 2013, then the 2014 and we're in the clear (well at least until this fall when the 2015 edition comes out!).  We've almost cleared the table!

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2013

Tasting Notes

Nose: Just like we remembered it!  Intense Dr. Brown's Cream Soda followed up by some rich vanilla, gentle wood, spice, mint, cocoa, and bbq sauce.

Palate: Nice woody taste with more of the spice coming through.  Yes, we remember thinking dry roasted peanuts last time and they're back.  

Finish: Nice and smooth, rich, and sweet.  Finishes with more bbq sauce, chocolate, oak, and honey.  Really lovely this one.  

Review:  This one's so nice, we think it's the best of the stack so far.  The 2006 is close, but they definitely got it right in 2013!  

Can the 2014 take the cake?  Tune in for the final installment of Birthday Bourbon insanity!  

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