February 9, 2015

Birthday Bourbon Bonanza Part 6 - OFBB 2011

Hail, snow, & sleet in Manhattan today.  Nice time to hunker down with yet another Old Forester Birthday Bourbon.  We started last week with 2006, and now we're all the way up to 2011!

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2011 

Funky French Toast

Nose:  This one is best described as "funky french toast".  Let's see if we can explain that better: brown butter, maple syrup, and some fish teriyaki.  That may be the most absurd tasting note ever, but that's what we get off the nose on this guy, and it all comes together rather nicely.

Palate: The sweet and savory notes come together pretty well in the palate.  And some new notes emerge of wood, sweets and spice.  The finish is quite dry and ends very bitter.

Review:  All in all it's similar to the 2010 but we liked it a little bit more.  None of these so far have been as good as the 2006, but we're getting closer.

We're getting through these nicely, moving through the right side of the OFBB table!

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