January 11, 2017

Join us for an evening with Westland Distillery!

A bunch of really cool shit happened this week.  I rolled a whiskey barrel across a city street in Manhattan.  I don't know which was better, the baffled look on the faces of passers-by or the satisfaction of smiling and saying "Yup, it's a barrel of whiskey!".

I popped open some amazing whiskey. Booker's Rye (which won just about every award for best whiskey of 2016) and the new Parker's Heritage 24 Year Bourbon. I hadn't planned on popping open the Parker's just yet, but when we heard the terrible news about Parker Beam passing away, it seemed like the right thing to do.  We're going to review these and other super special release whiskeys in a podcast we're recording tomorrow night, and I'll post some Cliff's Notes for all you SB readers.

The other great news is that we confirmed our next Beast Masters Club tasting. It's going to feature Westland Distillery, in our opinion one of the few truly special craft distillers in a vast sea of rough young spirit that's coming into the market.  Chris Reisbeck, who we knew from his years at Gordon MacPhail will be representing Westland and acquainting us with some very special malts.

BUY TICKETS HERE!  (they sell out fast...)

Yet another piece of awesome news is that the super swanky and beautiful club The Norwood has agreed to host. They're very excited to be involved in our fresh take on whiskey events with the interview, podcast, and tasting. And we couldn't be more thrilled at the awesomeness of their upstairs barroom as our new venue.

It was a good whiskey week all around.

I know, I know, we've been somewhat neglecting our blog.  If you care, drop a comment and let us know what you'd like us to review.  We promise to get back to it.  But at the same time, we promise that if you join the club, buy a ticket to one of these events, or take a few minutes to check out the podcast, you won't be disappointed.  Oh yeah, and we have some killer private barrels coming up too. Seriously.  I wasn't kidding about rolling the barrel down the street. You're gonna want some of that.

Cheers.  Hope everyone is having a good first few weeks of '17.  Don't stress, it'll be ok. Come have a drink with us.  /SB

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