December 28, 2016


Happy holidays beasties!

Our latest 'cast, CLEAR THE SHELVES is out for your enjoyment!

Sorry that we haven't been as timely with our weekly reviews. We've been putting a huge amount of effort into Beast Masters Club. For those of you who haven't joined yet, BMC is the first combination of a podcast & private barrel club. Every month we do a big live tasting and interview a whiskey big-wig on the podcast and then release a private barrel of their whiskey that can be purchased by the group.

This is a labor of love for us, we hope that one day it may be a profitable enterprise, but for the time being this is us trying to share some of the great in-person experiences that we've had in the world of whiskey with you at home. You can buy an awesome private barrel whiskey, and pop it open as you listen in on our discussion with the folks who made it. And if you're in NYC anytime soon you can join us for a tasting.

So please please join the club. It's free and you'll get updates on all our future endeavors, get in on private barrel picks, and be part of something that's very special to Mr. & Mrs. Beast.

In between the big live tastings and private barrels, we're doing some fun podcasts with friends. Check out our latest 'cast with Jake Cahill where we let you in on the best whiskeys of the year that are being discontinued.  CLEAR THE SHELVES is your chance to learn the top 5 bottles you should stock up on since they won't be around next year.

Happy holidays everyone!!

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