August 28, 2014

the big Willett tasting part 3 (Family Estate 9-Year Bourbon)

Ok we're past the 2-Year Small Batch, which was delightful, and the solid LDI 5-Year rye.  We're still squarely in the camp that the new 2-year is waaay better than the sourced 5-year.  Now we're moving on to our first bourbon, and up the age range to the 9-year.

Willett Family Estate Bourbon 9-Year
Barrel #196 119.6 proof (Liquor Barn Private Barrel)

Tasting Notes

Nose:  This is a very candy bar nose with salty peanuts, caramel, cocoa, maybe like a chocolate covered pretzel.  We also get some sweet corn pudding and a little mesquite barbecue.  

Palate:  A square bourbon.  Not sure what that means exactly, but that's how it tastes.  Very solid lines of sweet, savory, char/smoke, and spirit warmth forming the four sides of a cube.

Finish:  The candy bar quality goes right through it to the end.  No one reached for water.  There's not a ton of finish here, it's just a nice pop of sweet heat and then it's gone.  More chocolate, a little smoke at the end.  Some little candies, maybe candied mint coming through.


This one is REALLY enjoyable.  It drinks like a dream neat at cask strength, no small feat right there. Maybe it doesn't have the wonder of a Pappy Van Winkle or something of that caliber, but it's just so lovable in its own right.  Sweet and drinkable and a total powerhouse of cask strength bourbon that will sneak up on you like a dream.  Very surprised by how much we liked the 9-year.  Great job by Liquor Barn on this pick (and getting this to market at a very reasonable price too!).

Check back tomorrow as we move into the double digits with 10-year bourbon "The Mohawk!".

The Big Willett Tasting Part 4...

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