August 27, 2014

the big Willett tasting part 2 (Family Estate 5-Year Rye)

The big Willett tasting continues and today we're moving on to the 5-Year rye.

This is one of Willett's standard offerings, basically the same as the 4-Year single barrel ryes that they sourced from LDI in Indiana.

You can still find some four & five year ryes on the shelf, sometimes even online.  ;)

Tasting Notes

Nose: Just a good barrel pick of LDI, similar to some of the good Smooth Ambler cask strength private barrels.  Lots of spice, kick, and crack.  Some vanilla, nice amount of char, cocoa, oak, and a little sort of funkiness - it's been described as pickle or brine or floor polish.

Palate: Very drinkable.  This is not a shy beast.  It's right in your face as a young high test rye should be.  Punchy, bold, spicy.  Nice.

Finish: A little bit of a burner, but with this one there's no shame in a little water, ice, or if you're really feeling prissy, making yourself a top shelf old fashioned.  For the record, we still think that the new 2-Year Small Batch beats the panties off this 5-Year...

Ok admittedly, while this is sort of a staple in our liquor cabinet, it was not the most special of the big Willett tasting.  There's a lot of LDI rye out there and while these are particularly good barrels, and served up cask strength and unfiltered as they should be, we're really just getting warmed up. Get excited because it gets way more interesting from here as we get into all the private barrels.

Tomorrow we start with the brand new 2014 9-year bourbon from Liquor Barn...

The Big Willett Tasting Part 3...

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