May 31, 2017

Who Dat Kung Fu Jew?

Howdy Beasties,

Despite being a little quiet on the blog, I've been super hard at work on the whiskey front these past couple of months.  We had an incredible trip down to Kentucky last month.  It was some of the best drinking of my life.  We got a private tour of the new Michter's distillery. Picked a Four Roses barrel with Al Young, and the incredible highlight of the trip was going to the historic Wild Turkey Warehouse A and picking barrels with Eddie Russell. Then we got back and spent some time with Bernie Lubbers from Heaven Hill and have a private barrel coming from them as well.

And the results of all these travails is finally upon us!  The Heaven Hill barrel will be available through Beast Masters Club Shop starting this week.  We'll have the Wild Turkey barrel shortly thereafter, and the Four Roses coming up third.  The podcast with Bernie will be queued up shortly where we learn all about Bottled-in-Bond and chat with him about our private barrel.  The interview with Eddie was long, informative, and totally hilarious, so that's probably going to be a couple of podcasts worth that will be coming next month.

In the meantime, as if we weren't busy enough, we are working with Single Cask Nation on an event for their Whisky Jewbilee festival.  The night before Jewbilee (Jewbilee is June 15th, our event is June 14th), we're going to have a Battle Royale with Josh and Jason from Single Cask Nation / Jewish Whiskey Company.  (Yes, I'm Jewish too so the jokes are all in good fun).  Beast Masters Club vs. Single Cask Nation will be a blind contest where our live audience votes on the best private barrel pick from BMC and SCN's collections.  Our guest judge and moderator will be Robin Robinson (all-around whiskey veteran and former visionary for Compass Box).

There are a few seats left if you are in NYC and want to attend.

I hope to get back to regular whiskey reviews shortly (perhaps starting with some of my new barrels!!), but I hope that everyone takes a minute to participate in the club.  Signing up and listening to the podcasts is free, and we have two private barrels available right now (WhistlePig and Barrell Bourbon) and these three coming up in the next month.

We'll also have a table at Jewbilee, so if you are coming to the festival, come by and say hello.


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