March 14, 2016

Willett 11-Year Gift Shop

Going on the assumption that too much Willett can never be enough, here's a quick review of another single barrel bourbon we had sitting around SBHQ.

Yes, sadly you may have noticed this is the last dram of this great bottle.  Cask strength 122.7 proof eleven year bourbons tend to find their way out of the bottle pretty quickly at our place and this one went in the blink of any eye.

Nose: A lot of citrus and roast nuts on this one. Candied orange slices, the bags of honeyed pecan nuts that get sold on the streets in the winter months. A whole bunch of saddle leather.  Ending in a nice wrapper of oak.

Palate: Mmm really sweet on the palate. Tons of honey / molasses. Then a big wave of heat, both big spirit boldness and also hot spicy chile peppers and pink peppercorns.

Finish: Nice long finish for a bourbon. Big chest warmth, very nice balance of sweet and wood. It's hot, but very well balanced at over 120 proof.


So where are we?  Big citrus / leather bomb in the nose, very sweet and spicy palate, and ending up in  warmth, wood, and char. This one pretty much has it all!  A very, very, dangerously drinkable full-flavored bourbon that really hits the spot in the cold weather months.


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