January 4, 2016

Review - 1959 Old Forester Bottled in Bond

Ari:  "Well since you liked the Cream of Kentucky so much, you really should try my 1959 Old Forester."

My response was something along the lines of, "Uuuuhh, hmmmm, duuuuh....  Ok!!"

1959 Old Forester 6-Year Bottled in Bond

When we got the chance to taste our first 1970's Old Forester BIB it was definitely one for the highlight reel.  So needless to say when our boy Ari (think Mr. T with a yarmulke) offered us a pour of this 1950's bottle, we were really pumped.


Bottled in Bond is an awesome standard since they always came with tax strips indicating the year distilled followed by the year bottled, so you know exactly what you're getting. Obviously when you see 1959 on that tax strip, you're getting something extremely special.

Tasting Notes

Nose:  Very woody on the nose despite being in the barrel for only six years. Woody but not bitter. Hefty doses of saddle leather, tobacco, rye, and cinnamon. A little bit of vanilla rounds things out in this clean dry and satisfying nose.

Palate:  Very straight ahead solid whiskey through the nose and palate. Wonderful balance of heat, sweet honey, oak, and spice.

Finish:  A lot of spirit is present here but it's not a burn, more of a warmth building from the chest up the neck and into the back of the throat. It's a pretty long finish for a bourbon and really really satisfying with a mix of citrus fruits, dry spices, and wood.


Typical of an "old young" whiskey (a six year old from 1959!), this isn't a whiskey that has a ton of layers and complexity opening up as you make your way through the glass.  Rather it's a "right on" punchy and kind of perfect straight ahead bourbon. Honestly this is what (in our dreams) a standard off the shelf bourbon should taste like. It's strong and bold yet smooth and right 'in the pocket' for an American whiskey.  We'd drink this all day and night.  What a treat.

Thanks again to Ari for opening up the collection!



  1. Unbelievable what you guys get to try. My jealousy knows no bounds.

    Here's one for you. I grabbed a bottle of Lot 40 rye 2012 batch from a local ABC today based on a few reviews online. Is this one you've come across in your adventures? Your rye experience us far more extensive than mine so I'm looking for an opinion I trust before I bust it open. Thanks!

    1. Haven't tried the Lot 40. Please let us know how it is! Maybe you can do an american vs canadian rye tasting...