December 21, 2014

Orphan Barrels Part Two - Rhetoric 20 Year Bourbon

The Orphans Part II

Ok so last week we introduced the Orphan Barrels series.  We were feeling the Christmas spirit and wanted to give a second chance to these often abused and rarely loved bottles.  First of all, to clear the air, Tiny Tim is not an orphan, nor is he a chimney sweep.  We were actually thinking about Marry Poppins:

Today's foster home audition: Rhetoric.

Tasting Notes

Nose: A little flat this one.  Doesn't have the spice of fruitiness of the Barterhouse.  It's more woody, but not a whole lot of complexity on the nose.

Palate: The palate is... palatable?  It's not bad, just doesn't have a lot going on.  More wood, a little sweetness on the corners, maybe a little butterscotch.  Just not a banger.

Finish: There's really not much of a finish at all, which means no burn, which isn't bad, but also not a lot of lingering flavor.


We're just not feeling this one.  Sorry orphan #2, back to the orphanage.  It's totally drinkable, smooth, and there's nothing 'bad' about it.  But it feels like all the character and taste has been mixed, filtered, and processed out of this one.

Tune in next time for the big 26 year Old Blowhard.


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