December 29, 2014

Alpop Ward Selection #1 - Eagle Rare 10 Year Single Barrel

Feeling all rosy from our Christmas charity work with the Orphan Barrels, we wanted to break out a very special New Year's review.

Alpop Private Selection Eagle Rare

Courage.  Leadership.  Survival.  Heroism.  Devotion.  Character

These are words written on a tag on the side of this bottle of bourbon.

Tasting Notes

Nose:  A ton of mint for a bourbon, floating on sweet corn, charred pork fat, banana nut muffins, oak, saddle leather, and orange peels.

Palate:  Light on the tongue with a lot of sweet citrus, bitter cherry candy, and vanilla.

Finish:  Short clean finish with just the right amount of spirit warmth, a touch of campfire smoke, and a little olive oil and chili pepper wafting up the throat/nose.


A veritable masterpiece of barrel selection.  Good luck getting your hands on one of these extremely limited edition Alpop single barrels. If you do you've got something to celebrate in 2015!  :)

Cheers, happy healthy new year!   /Mr & Mrs Beast


  1. Can you provide any more background info about this? Sounds delicious. Is this from Alan Ward? Is that what a Alpop Ward selection is? Does that make it something like a DougDogz selection? This post intrigues me greatly. I must know more. Sorry in advance for the hounding questions.

    1. Yes Alpop is Alan. So yes it's a private barrel pick similar to what Doug does. See our story on private barrels in general for some good information: Shoot us a note if you're interested in more information about private barrels or have any other questions. Happy holidays! /SB