May 20, 2013

SmokyBeast Scoop: Oban Distiller's Edition on Sale at Caskers!

Today's scoop: Oban Distiller's Edition at Casker's in limited supply for $88.99.  This bottle has sold out around New York and online at over $100.  Cheers to our friends at Casker's for hooking it up!

Tasting Notes
Nose: A good balance of smoke and spice. Rosemary, black pepper, cinnamon sticks and cloves. Then the fruit comes through with raisins, cherries, and a hint of mellon.

Body: Clear and crisp on the tongue, not oily or thick, it starts as a nice warm spiced apple cider. Very smooth, the lightness continues adding warmth without burn.  There's enough smoke to cut through the alcohol and deliver a complex flavor that's both unique and extremely drinkable.

Finish: The finish is probably the most interesting aspect of this malt. It has a lingering smokiness that is quite enjoyable. But as the smoke drifts off the palate, the fruit and spice remain. There are some distinctly floral tastes coming through similar to rose water. Just as described it's like a special little cove between the peat bogs of the islands and the spice and fruit of the highlands. The smoke drifts up into your nose and through your sinuses while your mouth dwells on fruits and spices.

Good hunting!  /smokybeast