February 14, 2013

Valentine's Whisky Cocktail: The Brooklyn

For all you lovers, we figured we'd post a Valentines day cocktail recipe.  With New York City covered in a few feet of snow this week, this is a great one to stir up while you stay indoors and keep warm, maybe with a romantic dinner thrown in for good measure.

The Brooklyn is a new take on the Manhattan, with slightly more sophisticated ingredients allowing you to enjoy a classic whiskey cocktail but still break out new and interesting tastes that are sure to impress your sweetheart.  The Brooklyn substitutes Amer Picon - a bittersweet French orange liquer - for bitters, and uses a combination of dry vermouth and maraschino liqueur instead of sweet vermouth.  The result is a slightly more citrus'y, drier cocktail without the top-of-tongue sweetness you get from a Manhattan.


Rye Whiskey, 2 ounces. (If you're making one, use Michter's Straight Rye.  If you're making ten, use Old Overholt.)

Dry Vermouth, 1 ounce. (Despite a lot of hype, it doesn't matter so much what kind.  But we prefer to go a little short of a full ounce and make up for it with a little more rye to keep the drink nice and strong.)

Amer Picon, 1/4 ounce.  (This is the main bitter ingredient, also use to taste.  Picon is strong and goes a long way.  -can you tell that we like our cocktails to be almost straight whisky?)

Maraschino Liquer, 1/4 ounce.  (This is the main sweet ingredient, so use it to taste.  Less is more.  Luxardo is the best brand.)

Craft the cocktail "Up In A Down Glass" (our favorite method) with a garnish of orange rind or some boozy cherries or fancy cherries and enjoy.  Have a happy Valentine's Day!!

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